The 2010s

If the 2000s were about flagging intentions, then the following decade was about fulfilling that ambition. Only three years since the decade began, TAG Heuer now manufacture five movements- the volume production Calibre 1887 and five haute horlogerie calibres- the Calibre V and four movements based off the same Mikro-platform: Mikrograph, Mikrotimer, Mikrogirder and MikrotourbillonS.

Monaco GP Thursday 26-05-11Of these, the most important has been the Calibre 1887, which has shown that TAG Heuer can manufacture significant quantities of its own movements and break the reliance that the company (along with most of the Swiss watch industry) had on ETA stretching back more than 50 years.

The family of new movements will grow further in 2013, when TAG Heuer releases its newest production volume calibre- currently being developed under the codename “1888”.

WatchmakingTo showcase the new movements, TAG Heuer has refined the Carrera into distinct series- the sporty 41mm Carrera 1887, the more luxurious 43mm Carrera 1887, the retro-style Carrera Heritage and the 2013 Carrera Ceramic Bezel 43mm.

Tenth Generation: 2010- Current

Tag_Heuer_CARRERA_Cal1887_seductionThe Carrera 1887 caused a stir when news of the watch first leaked in late 2009. Controversy over the origins of the Calibre 1887 distracted many from the real story of TAG Heuer’s re-emergence as a volume manufacturer of movements.

The Carrera 1887 design evolved from its first showing at Basel 2010 to a design that echos the 1963 original, with its internal tachy scale, “3D” registers, monochrome design and elegant lugs.

Carrera Day DateAnd as TAG Heuer began to showcase its watchmaking skills with the Mikro- platform watches, it chose the Carrera as the base for these new designs. No longer simply keeping up with other Swiss manufacturers, TAG Heuer’s range of high-precision mechanical Chronographs- stretching to 5/ 10,000th of a second- sets a benchmark that no other brand can match.

Tag-Heuer-MikrogirderToday the Carrera is both TAG Heuer’s past and its future. It’s not hard to imagine that drivers competing in a 2013 Carrera Panamericana would recognise and embrace the spirit of the modern Carrera as they did in the past.


Three of the Best from the 2010s

Carrera 1887 Rose Gold


Probably the most-perfect incarnation of the Carrera 1887, the Rose Gold model echos the Carrera 1158 of the 1970s.

The Silver dial, Rose Gold case and Black Gold Chronograph hands make the perfect high-end combination.

Jack Heuer 80


TAG Heuer showed that it hasn’t forgotten how to do retro.

This wonderful 80th birthday present for Jack Heuer hit the perfect balance of paying homage to the past without copying an existing model

Carrera Mikrograph


The Carrera Mikrograph is a stunning design that brings together the functionality of a vintage Heuer stopwatch with the luxury of a Rose Gold case.

The party-trick of the Mikrograph was its central flying Blue hand, which completed a full rotation of the dial every second.

Influence / Movement

No Limits

no speed limit

“It’s hard to predict what the limits of mechanical precision are now that the Carrera Mikrogirder has redefined the regulation mechanism”

Home Made


TAG Heuer’s reliance on movements from the Swatch group (ESA, Valjoux, Lemania, ETA, Landeron and Unitas) comes to an end as production of the Calibre 1887 increases.

Swiss manufacturer Sellita supply Calibre 16 movements, while rumours persist that a Zenith-powered Carrera may be on the way…

All Photos courtesy of TAG Heuer