The Extended Family

It won’t be surprising that after 50 years of Carrera, there are several models that are closely related to the Carrera, but are not quite Carreras…the extended family if you will.

So here is a look at the Carrera-related models offered by Heuer and TAG Heuer over the years

Heuer “Carrera” 12 Dato


A controversial one to start- commonly called the “Carrera 12 Dato”, the truth is that the Dato 12 does not have “Carrera” on the dial, and in fact uses a slightly different case to the rest of the 1960s Carrera family (note the shorter, softer lugs)

Splitting hairs? Maybe- but either way, this is a fabulous looking watch that uses a distinctive two-part dial. The date is indicated by the crescent-shaped hand on the dial.

Heuer Skipper

Heuer Skipper, distinctive, first generation Skipper uses a Carrera as its base rather than later models which were derivatives of the Autavia. The dial is a wonderful starburst blue with contrasting green/ green and red registers.

Heuer Monza/ Modena


The Heuer Modena (which evolved into the Heuer Monza by the time it hit the market) was a Carrera-based tribute to Ferrari launched in 1975. The great Niki Lauda had brought home the drivers title to Ferrari for the first time since 1964.

The Monza offered a Black and Red colour scheme on a variety of Calibre 12 and Calibre 15 versions, the majority of which feature a Brass case coated in a Black PVD finish.

Heuer 510.508

P1260684By the time we get to the early 1980s, the new management at Heuer decided to drop a series of evocative model names- Carrera, Silverstone, Monza and Cortina- and replace them with numerical reference numbers.

So, while the Heuer 510.508 uses a modified second-generation Carrera case teamed with a Lemania 5100 movement, the watch was never referred to as a Carrera. A long-lost cousin none the less.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera


Launched in 2008, the Grand Carrera was the first new range of TAG Heuer watches since the S/el in 1987. The series was an up-scale version of the Carrera, designed to take TAG Heuer into new price points.

The Grand Carrera range features an innovative disc system for showing secondary functions, while the top of the line Calibre 36 model (above) combined a Linear System for showing seconds and a brilliantly simple caliper scale above, allowing the true precision of the El Primero movement (1/ 10th of a second) to finally be unlocked.

TAG Heuer Mikrotimer TAG-Heuer-Mikrotimer-Flying-1000-Concept-Chronograph-1

The TAG Heuer Mikrotimer was the first mechanical watch to measure tie to a precision of 1/ 100th second. Despite the high-tech design, noteĀ  the use of the Carrera lugs and open, highly legible dial? There may not be the Carrera name on the dial, but the Mikrotimer uses the Carrera as its inspiration.




– Dato: Abel Court

– Modena: Paul Gavin

– Skipper: Noodia

– 510.508: Jasper Bitter

Heuer Carrera Catalogue images from Chuck Maddox: